CDG Therapeutics, Inc. is a Chicago-based biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialization of proprietary peptides derived from pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacteria and green plants. These peptides possess a unique ability to preferentially enter cancer cells and induce cell cycle arrest and ultimately cell death.

We recently completed a Phase I human clinical trial of our lead compound, P28. In addition to exhibiting extraordinary safety attributes, the Phase I trial demonstrated significant regression in a variety of refractory solid tumors. These preliminary findings suggest that CDG compounds may be effective in treating various types of cancer while reducing the significant adverse side effects associated with most existing cancer therapies.

We currently have an extensive intellectual property portfolio which includes 13 issued patents and 23 pending/provisional patents and PCT applications. Our innovative use of microbial proteins (or fragments thereof) in the absence of infectious microbes which produced them is without precedent as a cancer treatment. CDG has filed U.S. and foreign patents covering five members of the redox protein family. Additionally, our patent portfolio includes numerous international patent applications on CDG's core technology and improvements. We continue to file new utility and provisional patent applications as our research advances.

The Company possesses an exclusive worldwide license to commercialize the founders' discoveries. These exclusive rights were granted to CDG by the University of Illinois in exchange for royalties on any commercial products to emerge from the Company's efforts, as well as an equity stake held by the University. The royalty rates and equity stake granted to the University by CDG are consistent with those between other development stage companies and their respective partners.

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